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Bone Collector
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The Bone Collector is an interesting and unusual murder mystery set in New York City.

Denzel Washington plays a very successful NYPD cop who has written several books about catching criminals, especially murderers. But after an accident on the job, he is left paralyzed from the shoulders down, and he wants to die.

Then a crazy murderer shows up in New York, killing people in some very weird ways. First, a rich man's body is found in a spooky underground tunnel - half of his finger has been severed off, and it's sticking up out of the ground. The first police officer on the scene, played by Angelina Jolie, does a pretty good job of getting all the evidence photographed and collected - she even stops a train so it won't run over some telltale clues left by the murderer. So, they decide she should work on the case, even though she protests that she doesn't want to be a homicide cop. Washington forces her to work on the case with him.

There's some really cool, gross stuff in this movie - lots of blood and gore. The murderer cuts bones out of people and leaves them lying around. Don't see this movie if you're a wimp.

It could have been more suspenseful though - there wasn't too much real action.

Several times, I thought I'd figured out who the killer was, but I was wrong about the first few. I did suspect the person who turned out to be the killer in the end though. Anyway, the plot is complicated, and doesn't give anything away.

Audio VersionI enjoyed The Bone Collector and, despite its flaws, I recommend it as a good murder mystery movie.

My Rating = Three Stars

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