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What About Bob?



What About Bob?
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What About Bob Murray plays annoying Bob Wiley, an obsessive-compulsive multi-phobic personality. Basically that means that he's scared of everything - he won't touch anything in public places for fear of germs, so he touches everything with a handkerchief. He's scared to get on a bus. He fakes cardiac arrest because, he reasons, you can't really get something if you fake it.

Bob's new psychiatrist, Dr. Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfuss), has just written a new book and will be visited by Good Morning America while on vacation. Terrified of not having his shrink around to talk to all the time, Bob follows Dr. Marvin to his summer home, where Leo's entire family loves Bob - perhaps too much, perhaps more than Leo? Then, when Good Morning America shows up, they think it's a great idea for Bob to do the interview with Leo.

Eventually, Leo, the great shrink, goes berserk himself from the stress of having Bob around.

I really loved the idea of a shrink losing it, and Dreyfuss' performance is excellent. Murray is very convincing as a pathetic, lonely, annoying nutcase.

My Rating = Three Stars

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