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Blues Brothers 2000



Blues Brothers 2000
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It's awful when a movie starts out with tremendous potential for hilarity then drops the comedic ball and goes off in a completely different direction. And that is exactly what happens in Blues Brothers 2000.

When criminal Elroy Blue Dan Aykroid, hero of the first Blues Brothers film, is finally released from jail, he discovers that his brother - and partner - has died. Elroy still gets their famous band back together, taking on John Goodman as a new lead singer. Another new member of the band is a cigarette-smoking ten-year-old pickpocket, whom Elroy is supposed to be mentoring. For about the first forty-five minutes, their slapstick comedy keeps you laughing. Then, for the final half of the movie, they play blues music almost non-stop, along with many other real-life famous singers, which became annoying.

I enjoy most movie musicals, such as Grease and Evita, but I just don't like blues music. Not everyone in the all-star cast is a blues singer - for example, there's country singer Travis Tritt - but none of them happened to be my favorite singers either. If you ask me, what this movie needs is some Aerosmith and Van Halen!

As to how it compares to the original Blues Brothers movie, I saw the first one years ago and can't honestly recollect enough to fairly compare the two movies, but I've heard a lot of people say they prefer the first movie.

My Rating = Two Stars

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