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Mickey Blue Eyes



Mickey Blue Eyes
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Mickey Blue Eyes is a farcical, funny comedy starring Hugh Grant as Michael, a clueless auction house manager who wants his girlfriend Gina (Jeanne Tripplehorn) to marry him. She wants to marry him, but doesn't want him to become involved with her father and his friends, who are in the Mafia.

Michael assures Gina that everything will be fine and persuades her to become engaged. Michael and Gina promise not to lie to each other about anything.

Well you can guess where this one's going. Gina's father tries to "help" Michael in his auction house business, and expects Michael to help in a money-laundering scheme as repayment. When his attempts to convince Gina's father that he doesn't want to be a mobster fail, Michael is forced to lie to Gina, for what he thinks will be the first and last time.

Of course it isn't, and many hilarious situations occur. All the actors are entertaining and convincing, and the script proved laughable. I saw a few things coming in this movie, but then, I've seen quite a few movies, so I know what to expect. Mickey Blue Eyes did make me laugh, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My Rating = Three Stars

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