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My Blue Heaven



My Blue Heaven
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My Blue Heaven is a terrific comedy starring Steve Martin.

Martin plays a crime family member who is placed in the witness protection program so he can testify in two important trials. Relocated to the small town of Fryburg, he is soon arrested, "for no reason whatsoever", as he puts it. (Actually, he committed several misdemeanors.) Fortunately, his FBI agent gets him off the hook.

Joan Cusack plays the hotshot assistant D.A. who wants to prosecute him. Her self-righteousness and snobbiness are hilarious.

There are many other comical characters in this marvelous story, but Martin's is the funniest. While his New York accent is lacking, his acting is excellent, and he brings his character to life. The supporting actors were marvelous as well, and I thoroughly and highly recommend this comedy.

My Rating = Three Stars

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