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Blind Date



Blind Date
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Bruce Willis plays Walter Davis, an uncharacteristically nerdy and rather pathetic businessman in Blind Date.

When Walter's brother sets him up on a blind date and cautions him not to get her drunk, he doesn't know what he's getting into. At first Nadia (Kim Basinger) seems very nice and down to earth. Then he gives her some champagne, and he's in for one of the worst nights of his life. She embarrasses him at an important business dinner where she gets him fired. Meanwhile her psychotic ex-boyfriend David (John Laroquette) is out to make trouble for them - and does. When Nadia finally starts to sober up, Walter's so frazzled that he gets drunk and embarrasses her at a party thrown by her friends. By the next day, he's been arrested, and although he wants nothing to do with her, she feels responsible, and even agrees to marry David, a defense lawyer, if he'll get Walter off the hook. And another hilarious sequence of event occurs.

The acting is wonderful, and the comedic scenes are nicely done. This silly movie is definitely a fun rental.

My Rating = Three Star

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