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Blame it on the Bellboy



Blame it on the Bellboy
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Blame it on the Bellboy is a rather predictable, but funny comedy. Naturally, it's about a bellboy who gets all the blame - but the title makes it sound like he doesn't deserve it, when he certainly does! This guy's I.Q. is so low, they probably couldn't test it - they'd have to dig for it!

He passes on messages to all the wrong people, causing lots of confusion. One guy thinks he's going to buy some real estate property. Instead, he ends up with a gun to his head, as the people he went to see think he's a hit man. Meanwhile, the real hit man goes after a woman whom he thinks he has a contract on. She thinks he's the blind date she was planning to meet. And so it goes.

Blame it on the Bellboy was just confusing enough that I still didn't entirely get what everyone was supposed to do when the film ended. Still, it was entertaining - for a "mistaken - identities" type story.

My Rating = Two Stars

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