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Blade starring Wesley Snipes is one of the best horror/action/sci-fi movies of the summer.

Snipes is Blade, a vampire/human hybrid. He can walk around in daylight unscathed, but he is as strong as vampires and sometimes gets thirsty. However, he hates the vampires, and kills as many as possible with garlic, silver, or sunlight. (Aren't silver bullets for werewolves, not vampires? The filmmakers must have mixed up their monsters.)

Blade is joined by a young hematologist who, in true doctor fashion, seeks to cure Blade of being a vampire. Blade's arch enemy, Frost, wishes to start a vampire/human apocalypse and take over the world, so of course Frost has to stop him.

The end is kind of obvious, but the action, great special effects, and talented actors make "Blade" truly entertaining. Even the loud background music adds to the scenes, which is more than you can say for X-Files and many other recent movies. A blood drenched opening scene in a vampire nightclub is especially captivating. And, fortunately, Blade's ending leaves it wide open for a sequel.

My Rating = Three Stars

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