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Black Dog



Black Dog
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Patrick Swayze, Randy Travis, and Meatloaf star in Black Dog, a semi-thrilling, semi-amusing action film.

This is your typical action flick - a lot of cars crashing and catching on fire, and plenty of people shooting at each other. Swayze is Jack Cruise, a now-paroled prisoner who originally went to jail for vehicular manslaughter - in other words, while driving a truck long distance, he got overtired and accidentally killed two people. Having permanently lost his drivers' license, he now works a low-paying job that doesn't pay the bills, even with his wife's income. When he finds a foreclosure note on their house, he decides, against his better judgement, to take an "off the records" (meaning illegal artillery) delivery job. Soon, however, it becomes clear that he's in big trouble - several attempts are made by a guy named Red (Meatloaf) to sabotage the delivery. Randy Travis plays a country singing fool who was hired to make the journey with him, and two other men - and one of them is leaking information on their location. Meanwhile Jack's wife and daughter are kidnapped and held hostage just so he doesn't "quit" the lousy job this turned out to be.

One thing that annoyed me was all the country music in this movie. Another thing was the unrealistic ending. And I couldn't figure out if this was supposed to be a comedy or not - they had some funny jokes, and some lines that were obviously meant to be funny but weren't, but there were a lot of tiresome action scenes too.

My Rating = Two Stars

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