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Bird on a Wire



Bird on a Wire
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Bird on a Wire, a finely enacted and highly engaging thriller, stars Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn.

Gibson plays Rick Jarmin, a middle-aged man in the FBI Witness Protection Program. After his testimony landed several criminals in jail, the government relocated him, and subsequently changed his total identity. Fifteen years later, he's working as a greasy mechanic when Marianne Graves, a woman from his past, stops by to have her gas tank filled. Of course she recognizes him, but he manages to convince her she's got the wrong person (he was supposed to have died in a plane crash).

Immediately, Jarmin calls his FBI contact, (who has since been replaced), talks to his new contact and requests to be relocated once again. However, his new FBI contact lies to him, informing him that he is in no danger from the criminals, who have, in fact, been released from jail and are once again on his trail. When Marianne returns to the gas station, she is just in time to get involved in an attack on Rick, and helps him escape.

Gibson's acting is excellent, and the story is intriguing. Bird on a Wire, an earlier movie, is just as outstanding as Ransom, one of his latest films.

My Rating = Three Stars

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