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Simon Birch



Simon Birch
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Ever notice how the people with the squalling babies always watch the good movies but never the lousy ones? So when you want to hear a terrifically written, touching film like Simon Birch, you can't hear it over the wails of a baby too young to enjoy a movie, but when you're sitting in a boring film, silence.

You just have to agree with that gripe. Simon Birch is about two twelve-year-old boys, Joe (Joseph Mazzello) and Simon Birch (Ian Michael Smith) who are best friends. Simon, although twelve, is extremely small - roughly the size of a three-year-old child. Because of his diminutive size, everyone from the priest at church to his own parents treat him badly. But Simon still believes that he was meant to be a hero.

It is a serious story, (did you know that Jim Carrey is the solemn narrator of this film? If you thought he was shockingly somber in The Truman Show just watch him in Simon Birch!), yet there is great comic relief in a Christmas pageant disaster scene. The pageant director reminded of a nervous music teacher before recitals - it was something about the way she hissed, "Spit out your gum!" But she certainly receives what she has coming!

Simon Birch is a wonderful, warm "must-see" movie for everyone. This is one PG rated film that parents and teens will enjoy as well as younger children.

My Rating = Three Stars

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