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Sgt. Bilko



Sgt. Bilko
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Sgt. Bilko is my kind of movie! It's hilarious, exciting, captivating, and is the closest you can get to a Jim Carrey movie, besides a Jim Carrey movie. Additionally, there is very little cursing - so you can take kids to it, and you won't have to cover their ears.

Steve Martin does an incredible job of portraying a scheming, conniving, money-making gambler, who not only is a sergeant in the U.S. Army, but is in charge of Ft. Baxter's motor pool. Dan Akroyd's character, Colonel Hall, was a little weak, and almost too stupid to qualify as a real person- let alone the Colonel that he portrays. The average six-year old definitely has more brains than the Colonel.

Naturally Sgt. Bilko runs his gambling operation at Ft. Baxter - in the motor pool - where they are supposed to be "repairing" cars. This was very unrealistic, but still mighty funny - especially when they have to hide a horse in a hurry. Besides the gambling operation, Sgt. Bilko has an old arch enemy after him. And a project that Sgt. Bilko has been working on could get him sent to ice-cold Greenland, if it's discovered. Also, Sgt. Bilko is continually jilting his attractive girlfriend, Rita, which is a game that Rita is quickly tiring of. She gives Bilko 30 days to marry her, or their relationship is over. Rita, is, in my opinion, a total airhead for sticking around for seven long years waiting for a gambling idiot to marry her - when she easily could have traveled with a much nicer guy.

So, go see Sgt. Bilko for a total lack of reality, but a whole lot of laughs.

My Rating = Three Stars

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