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The Big Hit



The Big Hit
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The Big Hit is a surprisingly engaging action/comedy film.

The plot is pretty basic: a group of mobster hit men who are complete imbeciles being, well, complete imbeciles. When one of them suggests they kidnap a rich man's daughter for ransom, he doesn't know that his mobster boss, Paris, is the girl's godfather. In a hysterically funny scene, Paris professes that he will get the guy who did it. "It's you!" he finally shouts at the idiot guy, who cowers. "You are the man I have chosen to help me!" continues Paris. Relieved, the idiot guy accepts the mission and decides to frame one of his buddies, who is torn between two equally controlling women. Getting to know the kidnapped girl better, he falls for her, and she seems to return the feelings - at least until she smacks him on the head with a frying pan to make an escape.

The Big Hit has a lot of thrilling, if unbelievable, action scenes, and the plot moves at a quick pace. Although this lacks much credibility - as do many comedies -, it definitely keeps you laughing.

My Rating = Three Stars

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