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Big Girls Don't Cry: They Get Even



Big Girls Don't Cry: They Get Even
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While unrealistic and a bit too dopey at some points, Big Girls Don't Cry was, for the most part, an entertaining movie.

Laura is not exactly a happy teenager. She is stuck living with her materialistic mother and annoying step-family. Her mother obviously favors her much prettier step-daughter, Caryn, to Laura, who refers to herself as "a dog". When she gets blamed for one of her step-brother's mistakes, she decides to run away - right before the family trip to Hawaii. Naturally the trip is cancelled while everyone searches for her. Soon the search party is joined by her father and step- other (who are in the middle of a divorce) and her father's pregnant new girlfriend. What a cast of characters!

When they all find her hiding out with Josh, the one step brother she likes - who ran away from home several months earlier - she runs off again. This time she decides to hitchhike - a turn of events that, in real life, would probably end up with her mutilated body being found some months later. But hey, this is supposed to be a comedy.

And it is indeed funny, although the end is quite obvious - who couldn't figure out that she gets back together with her family, that her father and stepmother get back together, and that her dad's girlfriend gets together with Josh? Yet, Laura's sardonic narration is fun listening.

My Rating = Two Stars

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