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The Big Green



The Big Green
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I simply have to admit that I wasn't impressed with The Big Green.

Elma is a small town with a tiny school. A new teacher, Anna Montgomery, and a new student, Juan Morales, arrive at the school at the same time. (Naturally, the principal is dumb and can't pronounce Juan's name.) Soon, Anna suggests a soccer team. Although the soccer team is dreadful at first, Anna thinks that, with practice, they can be winners. In fact, she even thinks they can beat Elma's rival team, the Knights. Will they? If you like soccer, and movies about team sports, this movie may interest you, mildly.

My major problem with The Big Green is that I figured out the ending long before it actually happened. Therefore, there was, for me, no suspense in watching it - no sitting on the edge of the seat frantically munching popcorn. Just a long expected ending.

My Rating = Two Stars

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