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Betsy's Wedding



Betsy's Wedding
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Betsy's Wedding is an average movie - simply mediocre.

Betsy (Molly Ringwald) decides to marry her boyfriend Jacob. Immediately, both sets of parents start clamoring to fund and plan the wedding. (Betsy and Jacob vainly protest that they just want something simple.) Obviously, it's a who-can-outdo-who situation.

Meanwhile, Betsy's older sister Connie is extremely jealous that Betsy is getting married; soon, however, she starts a romance with an Italian guy who hints at mob connections. (This is not the best basis for a relationship, as Connie is a police officer!) Also, Betsy's uncle (Joe Pesci) doesn't think his wife knows about his philandering ways, but he's in for a surprise.

Although parts of Betsy's Wedding were amusing, towards the end it became slightly dull. Also, some of the scripting was downright corny, such as a scene where Connie's boyfriend tried to convince Connie he loved her. When he started saying stuff like, "You are the blood in my veins..." I wanted to wring the scriptwriters' neck. Can you say "phony"? That line could have been taken from a trashy romance novel!

My Rating = Two Stars

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