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The Best of Times



The Best of Times
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The Best of Times is certainly not the best of Robin Williams' movies.

Williams plays a bank employee whose domineering, insulting father-in-law, the bank president, treats him like dirt. Williams' wife is justifiably jealous because he seems to care more about football than about her. (For years he's been obsessing about the football he didn't catch during an important high school game.) Now, he wants to get his old team back together so that they can have a rematch with the team that beat them (because of his slipup). When his wife, who is opposed to this idea, tells him, "It's me or the football game", guess what he chooses?

Meanwhile, there are subplots about his friends in their small hellhole of a town. (Apparently, everyone has marital problems. It's worse than a soap opera, but at least it concludes much more quickly than one!)

The problem with this film is the predictability of its plot. Not only was it obvious that Williams' team would win the game in their rematch, but I felt this was a poor way to end the film. Williams obviously feels that he let his teammates and friends down, which he did; the script would have had much more class if Williams had lost the game, but learned that his friends had never held the first loss against him. He should also have learned to forgive himself and move on with his life. I was unimpressed by his character development - or lack of it. However, this film does provide some comic relief, and Williams is a talented actor to keep even poorly plotted films at least somewhat entertaining.

My Rating = Two Stars

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