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Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover star in Beloved, a captivating film.

Winfrey plays Sethe, an escaped slave who now lives in a house haunted by her long-dead daughter. Her surviving daughter, Denver, who still lives there hates it, and her two sons have already left because they couldn't stand the ghost. Then one day Paul D, another freed slave whom she hasn't seen in eighteen years shows up and stays at her house.

Not long after, a strange young woman who seems to be either very ill or mentally retarded, also appears on Sethe's front lawn. Only calling herself "Beloved", she never talks about her past, and Paul becomes suspicious, although Sethe quickly becomes attached to the girl.

After a while we learn that Beloved is the ghost of her daughter, come back in human form, and she seems to have cast an evil spell over Sethe.

There was satisfying character development, and the scenes were very well portrayed. The acting was excellent, and I definitely see Oscar nominations for this film.

My Rating = Four Stars

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