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Before and After
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Before and After kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. Unlike other supposedly "thrilling" movies that I've seen lately, I couldn't figure out the ending. Also, the movie was so intense that I wound up nervously sucking ice cubes from my drained cup of Fruitopia. I simply couldn't move.

Edward Furlong portrays Jacob Ryan, a 16-year-old, accused of the brutal murder of his girlfriend, Martha Taverner. Jacob's mother, Dr. Ryan, is portrayed by Meryl Streep. She views the dead girl's body in the hospital, where she is employed - only to learn later that her own son is suspected of the horrid crime, and he has now run away. Vanished. Post cards are sent to their house from all over the country - supposedly from Jacob.

Meanwhile, Ben Ryan, Jacob's father, feels guilty because he fought with Jacob the day of the murder - before Jacob left to pick up Martha from work. When Ben examines Jacob's car, he discovers - how original! - a bloody glove. Wonder where the screenplay writer got that idea? So, loving father Ben Ryan destroys evidence, and a search, or rather, a manhunt is held for Jacob. What really happened that snowy, sinister day between Jacob and Martha? Did Jacob do it? Will he win his court case?

Definitely see this moving movie to find out!

My Rating = Three Stars

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