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As I've said before, some of the best comedies are disguised as horror movies.

Beetlejuice isn't one of them- although it obviously was intended to be.

Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton), who is supposed to be the star of the movie, doesn't show up until it's halfway over, at which point I already lost interest. Then it doesn't get much better. A young couple dies, only to enter the underworld when they step out their back door (The reason for this is not clearly explained; not that I was terribly interested). Meanwhile, a new family with a solemn but not creepy enough daughter (Winona Ryder, in one of her very early roles) moves into their home. The couple tries to get rid of the family by haunting the house, a hobby at which they fail miserably. So they appeal to Beetlejuice for help, and he finally makes his not so grand appearance.

This is definitely not Keaton's best work, and unless you're a member of the Bad Movie Fan Club, I'd recommend you skip it. I do have to say one thing, though: the false and tacky special effects of ten years ago make you appreciate the superior effects of today's movies.

My Rating = Two Stars

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