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The Beach
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It's a shame that although Leonardo DiCaprio is a terrific actor, The Beach is not a terrific movie.

DiCaprio is Richard, a twenty year old English tourist visiting Bangkok. While staying in a fleabag motel, he meets a decidedly stoned visitor named Daffy. Daffy tells Richard about a beautiful beach where an unlimited supply of marijuana grows - sort of a pothead's paradise. Shortly before killing himself, Daffy leaves a map to the idyllic beach on Richard's door.

Soon, Richard and his new friends, a French couple Francoise (Virgine Ledoyen) and Etienne (Guillaume Canet), head out to the beach, where they discover something reminiscent of a hippie commune - a group of youngish adults who smoke pot all day and basically don't do anything else. Life is a continual vacation there, so they decide to stick around.

Unfortunately, Richard left a copy of the map for two Bangkok potheads who now want to join the "beach resort". And that could get everyone on the beach murdered by their friendly neighbors - a group of marijuana farmers who want to keep the local population down - and protect their crops.

Audio VersionThe Beach is not an exciting thriller as the previews would have you believe. DiCaprio is a skilled actor, and he looks great with his shirt off, but the plot leaves much to be desired. Richard's expected romance with Francoise is pitifully predictable; I feel sorry for the guy who wrote this script.

My Rating = Two Stars

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