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If there's one thing the producers of Bats did right - and I'm sure it's the only thing - it was choosing the release date for this film. A week before Halloween is the only time anyone will be interested in this movie (and even then, it's sure to disappoint).

Bats is a nonsensical, ridiculous film about - you guessed it - bats. Only these are genetically engineered, super-strong, super-aggressive bats (yes, they feed on humans!). That's right, they're your not-so-lovable super-blood suckers on steroids.

A zoologist who specializes in bats and her assistant are brought to a small town in Texas, where these super-bloodsuckers have run amok. Thanks to a mad scientist (he's the guy who "created" them) a few bats have escaped, and are currently infecting other bats with the virus that soups up their predatory skills. Getting rid of the whole mess of bats is not going to be a fun or easy task.

Neither is this a fun movie. The special effects are as unrealistic as they come (the bats don't look even close to being real). Lots of blood is tossed around, but this effect doesn't add much either. The acting is serviceable (although the actors are mostly unknown) - and there isn't much of a script.

My Rating = One Star

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