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Basic Instinct



Basic Instinct
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Basic Instinct is a superb movie starring Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone - although it vaguely reminded me of Douglas' more recent film, A Perfect Murder.

Douglas portrays a Los Angeles cop investigating a very unusual crime. It seems that a murder has been committed that happened exactly as author Kathryn Tremille described in her last book, down to the very last detail of the crime. This is rather suspicious (duh!) and indicates one of two things: either Tremille wrote the book so she'd have an alibi (who would write a book about a specific murder and then commit it?) or someone else is trying to frame her.

As the movie progresses, more and more suspects emerge. In the meantime, Douglas falls for Tremille. Lots of exciting suspense scenes, excellent acting by all the actors, and a constantly twisting and turning plot keep this movie fascinating.

My Rating = Four Stars

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