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The Avengers



The Avengers
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The Avengers is a surreal mess that someone with much cash for special effects tried to pass off as a movie.

Why did Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes, both talented serious actors, choose this film anyway? Fiennes was so excellent in The English Patient that it seems rather ridiculous for him to have taken such a silly, pointless role. Ditto for Thurman.

The two portray John Steed and Emma Peel, a couple heroes out to stop a scientific genius madman from controlling the world's weather. (As if anyone could do that.) Although they do some nice action stunts, it fails to give the movie any momentum. The elaborate special effects not only fail to cover up the lack of plot, but they really accentuate it! And the psychedelic swirling pattern that opened the movie, with the acting credits and theme song, gave me eyestrain before the film itself started!

Essentially, this movie says nothing. Steed and Peel raise their eyebrows and speak in cool, controlled British accents; such characters usually have at least one or two loud, uncharacteristically loose-tongued scenes. However, Steed and Peel never vary, making for quite a boring old time.

My Rating = Two Stars

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