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Austin Powers



Austin Powers
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Austin Powers is a movie that is so stupid you must laugh or risk going crazy.

Mike Meyers plays Austin Powers, a spy who has been cryogenically frozen since the seventies, when he defeated his nemesis, Dr.Evil (who was also frozen and launched into space). When Dr.Evil returns in the nineties, Powers is also unfrozen and, naturally, he's a little out of place in the nineties - after all, things have changed a lot in thirty years! Powers goes around looking like someone out of a bad old movie, makes politically incorrect statement after politically incorrect statement, and pretty much embarrasses the government to death! (Meyers also portrays Dr. Evil, who is perhaps even funnier.)

If you're a big fan of ridiculously dense comedy (like me) you'll love Austin Powers. If not, well, it is only ninety minutes long.

My Rating = Two Stars

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