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The Astronaut's Wife



Astronaut's Wife
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The Astronaut's Wife is, as I expected it to be from the previews, a disappointing, poorly plotted sci-fi flick.

Johnny Depp, who appears to be on a sudden career comeback with two new movies this year, stars as Spencer Armacost, a NASA astronaut. At the beginning of the film, he's a nice guy who loves his wife (Charlize Theron) so much that he phones her from space to say hi. Then, while Spencer is up in space one day, a peculiar accident occurs, and NASA loses contact with Spencer and his partner for two minutes. The two astronauts survive, are rescued and returned to Earth, more or less unharmed.

But Spencer has changed. Although he appears the same, he now becomes an evil messenger of an alien race, and his goal is world dominion. When Jillian gets pregnant, she soon suspects that her twin babies will inherit their father's bad traits - namely, his desire to help the aliens take over the world. (Talk about your bad gene pools.)

The first ten or twenty minutes of The Astronaut's Wife are interesting, but the movie lost me right about the time that Jillian gets pregnant. So much is left unexplained at the end - where the aliens are from, what they're like, and most importantly, the fate of the world. I thought The Astronaut's Wife was stupid, far-fetched, weakly written.

My Rating = Two Stars

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