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The Associate



The Associate
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Whoopi Goldberg is, as usual, a hilarious success at making you laugh in The Associate.

Goldberg portrays Lauryl Ayres, a disgruntled businesswoman with a failing business, who decides that her problem is sexism: if she had a male business partner, she might be able to acquire some clients. So... she invents one! That's right, she wears a magnificently done outfit and poses as her own business partner (whose name she stole from a whiskey bottle)!

Naturally, Goldberg disgused as a man, becomes involved in some sticky situations - in one part, a female accountant tries to seduce Ayres. Although she was, of course, unsuccessful, she later appears on a talk show claiming that Ayres' partner got her pregnant! By this time, Ayres and her partner are both smashing successes whom everyone would like to hear gossip about.

Ah, but it's lonely at the top. Ayres soon realizes that she needs to admit the truth - and prepares to do so in what turns out to be a very stunning public appearance.

The plot never slows, is original, and you can't guess the ending until the last second. Goldberg lends the movie her comic genius, and the other actors also give commendable performances.

My Rating = Four Stars

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