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As Good as it Gets



As Good as it Gets
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Jack Nicholson may not be a sexy hunk like Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio, but he certainly can act! So can Helen Hunt and Greg Kinnear, who co -star with him in As Good As it Gets, an unusual but well-plotted film.

Nicholson portrays an obsessive-compulsive author named Melvin (he uses two new bars of soap every time he washes his hands, which is apparently quite frequently, as he has quite a lot of soap stockpiled). Annoyed by his gay neighbor Simon's dog, Verdell, he puts it down a garbage chute, but later, when forced to keep it for a few days, becomes increasingly fond of the dog. In fact, Verdell eventually begins to like Melvin better than Simon!

Meanwhile, Melvin eats lunch each day at a specific restaurant, at a specific time, and is served by a specific waitress (he brings his own plastic silverware because he doesn't trust theirs to be clean). When the waitress considers taking another job somewhere else, he is terribly upset, but manages to convince her to keep working there by sending a good doctor to care for her sick son. (The doctor is his publicist's husband, how convenient.) Melvin, Simon, and the waitress take a car trip to visit Simon's parents, whom he hasn't spoken to in years. After a very long while, a romance slowly starts to develop between Melvin and the waitress, then falls apart quickly because of Melvin's nearly insane lack of sensitivity.

As Good As it Gets was both humorous and touching, and was sincerely acted by Nicholson, Kinnear, and Hunt. Cuba Gooding,Jr, of "Show me da money" fame (Jerry Maguire), also appears as Simon's gay lover, and is extremely amusing in several scenes.

When it comes to movies, As Good as it Gets is, well, as good as it gets.

My Rating = Four Stars

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