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Armageddon has all the makings of a big hit summer movie: star power, millions in special effects, tireless promoting since the beginning of the year. (You should see the loads of promotional material they sent me. I received a nice but pretty useless "countdown clock" that literally counted down the days until the movie opened for me, a t-shirt - I liked that one - and a huge wall poster that will probably be a collector's item one day. Did I mention the press kit?)

And no, I'm not going to give Armageddon a good review just because I got all that free stuff, although it does help....a little. In all fairness, Armageddon was splendidly done, if the ending was ridiculously obvious (well, it is a disaster movie, go figure). Bruce Willis stars as Harry Stamper, a redneck deep core oil driller sent up into space to drill nuclear weapons into the asteroid heading for Earth. Hopefully, the nukes will blow the blasted piece of rock to space dust and avert the End of the World. Meanwhile, Harry's stepdaughter Grace wants to marry his protege, A.J., a turn of events which he appears less happy about than the fact that the world may soon be coming to an end. Incidentally, A.J. is sent on the mission also, so they may both die up there in outer space and leave Grace utterly alone.

Well, you know that isn't going to happen, don't you? Still, the acting was very convincing - in one scene, well-known macho man Willis actually cries, what is the world coming to? - and I was thoroughly entertained by Armageddon. (I noticed that my dad, the big wimp, and several macho looking guys in the audience were a little misty eyed at the emotional scenes - it's always the big tough guys who cry at movies! I myself am not given to bawling about imaginary characters.) My only gripe is that director Michael Bay got a bit carried away pushing the Big Loud Explosion button, and several of the action scenes took too long. My mind just started wandering - I don't have a short enough attention span for too much of that. Otherwise, Armageddon, even at two and a half hours long, was quite riveting - keep in mind that anyone with half a brain cell can figure this one out in two seconds and you'll realize how extraordinary that is.

My Rating = Three Stars

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