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The Apostle



The Apostle
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The Apostle, despite receiving rave reviews from other critics, did not impress me.

Robert DuVall stars as Euliss Sonny Dewey, a corrupt preacher who becomes insanely jealous of his estranged wife's (Farrah Fawcett) new beau, Horace (Todd Allen). In a most un-saintly fit of jealousy, he cracks Horace on the head with a baseball bat, then runs off to another town and proceeds to start a new church. Meanwhile, Horace lies comatose and the police are after him.

How many phony Halelujah's can you squeeze into a two-hour movie? That's what you find out in this film. Basically all any of the actors do is shout "Praise the Lord," probably in an attempt to make you forget that this preacher is wanted for first degree murder. I fail to see what's so wonderful and uplifting about this story.

My Rating = One Star

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