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Antz is a senseless cartoon that quickly became tiresome. The problem with cartoons is that you can't judge acting skills because you can only hear the voices - you can't see facial expressions, because they're computer animated. Not to mention that cartoons are so unrealistic.

In an ant colony, a worker ant known as "Z" falls for the beautiful Princess Bala and convinces his buddy, a soldier ant, to switch places with him. That way, he can see Princess Bala when the army marches past her. Unexpectedly, he is swept off to war -with the termite army, come on! - and is the only ant to survive. Brought back a war hero, he has a chance to kidnap Princess Bala and tow her off to Insectopia - more commonly known as a trash can. And on it goes...

I get so weary of hearing the line, "Fun for the whole family," in ads for G and PG rated movies such as "Antz". My translation: "Kids will probably like it and anyone over ten or so will hate it, but if they advertised that no one would let their kids talk them into seeing it so they have to lie and say the whole family will like it."

My Rating = Two Stars

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