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Animal House



Animal House
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Animal House is a hilarious depiction of idiotic college students and the ridiculous things they do.

A couple of obvious losers are trying to get into a fraternity - but the only one that will pledge them is Delta. This fraternity is known for pulling more pranks and creating more problems than any other house on campus.

The characters are basicly one-dimensional, but amusing. One of them, for example, gets drunk and his girlfriend asks, "Are you going to spend your life like this? Getting drunk with your friends every weekend?"

"No, of course not," he replies. "After I graduate, I'm going to get drunk every night!"

Such is the general attitude of the foolish students in this movie. And talk about food fights! While Animal House may lack character development, and is rather unrealistic, it is still an amusing film to watch.

My Rating = Three Stars

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