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Almost everyone will love Anastasia, a delightful animated musical.

Anya is an eighteen-year-old Russian orphan who sets out to Paris to track down her family. Her only clue to her past is a locket she's had since the age of eight, when she was found wandering around, apparently lost, and was subsequently brought to an orphanage. Accompanying her on her quest are her poodle Pooka and two crooked guys who plan to pass her off as the lost Princess Anastasia, the deceased Czar's daughter. Along the way, however, they begin to suspect that she really is Anastasia (hey, it's a Disney movie; you can't expect it to be firmly rooted in reality).

The music, and the colors in the animation were enthralling, although the plot at times slowed down. It was also pleasing that Anastasia had a strong personality and didn't hesitate to put the men in their place (when necessary ) using very modern language.

The crying babies in the theatre were a little distracting, but most children under ten should enjoy the movie. The theatre was packed (Sold Out!) and it's sure to be a hit.

My Rating = Three Stars

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