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This sensationally thrilling heart-pounder of a movie is captivatingly and deliciously freaky.

A movie crew is in a jungle, trying to locate a mythical tribe of still uncivilized Indians that is supposed to inhabit the area. Their guide, a creepy dude named Paul Serone, leads them deep into the wilderness, and at first it is unclear what he really wants out of the expedition. Too late, the crew realizes he wants to capture a rare anaconda snake, therefore endangering their lives.

This movie's one pitfall is that the crew spends the first third of the movie endangered by rare species other than the anaconda (such as one disgusting scene where a huge, poisonous wasp stings a guy's tongue and has to be pulled out of his mouth). I guess this is supposed to be a sort of warm-up for the Big Scare, but I would have preferred more scenes with the deadly (and very realistically done) anaconda itself.

Rent this movie today, but not if you're squeamish, and especially not if you're scared of snakes! Of course, even if you're not, you will be by the time the movie's over. Too bad it was only an hour and a half long - I could have sat through at least two hours, if not more, of the gloriously gory action.

My Rating = Three Stars

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