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American Psycho



American Psycho
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American Psycho is a peculiar blend of several real-life serial killers and several popular previous horror movies.

The psycho in question (a Tom Cruise lookalike) acts vaguely normal when around his business associates, but later he turns into the extreme nutcase that he is at heart. He commits multiple murders, killing everyone from hookers to homeless people. Even his friends and coworkers eventually suspect something strange - a little too late for some.

In some ways, American Psycho is almost laughable; for example, when the psycho phones his lawyer with a very graphic confession (he even admits to eating people's brains) the lawyer thinks it's a big joke!

On the other hand, American Psycho is downright disgusting in some scenes, and it isn't a particularly good thriller, although I'll admit it's pretty original.

My Rating = Two Stars

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