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Amos and Andrew



Amos and Andrew
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Samuel L. Jackson and Nicholas Cage, more recently serious actors, team up in this hilariously crazy older comedy.

Because of a complicated misunderstanding, Andrew Sterling (Jackson), a famous black rights leader is shot at by police in his new summer island home. Realizing that this is not going to be good publicity, the police chief, who is campaigning for reelection, decides to make it look like they were shooting at an intruder in Sterling's home. There was no such person, but they just drag a common criminal (Cage) out of his jail cell and have him pose as the non-existent intruder. They promise to let him go free and not reveal his name if he helps them, but he hears on the news (while inside Sterling's house) that they've already revealed his name. He then kidnaps Sterling and breaks into a neighbor's house, where he orders pizza and hangs out until the owners come home. Then, of course, he takes them hostage too.

Cage and Jackson are a hilarious pair and make this movie enjoyable. The script is well written and the plot is complicated enough to keep you entertained.

My Rating = Three Stars

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