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American Graffiti



American Graffiti
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I was told that American Graffiti was supposed to be like Grease, but it isn't nearly as engaging.

For one thing, it's missing John Travolta. For another, the music in Grease was fun; in American Graffiti it's irritating.

The plot is more or less the same: life in the fifties for teens. Ron Howard plays the main character, who is going off to college. He thinks that he and his girlfriend should see other people while he's away, to prove that they really love each other. (This being the fifties, fewer girls went to college. I kept having the urge to smack some sense into their heads!) He entrusts his 1957 Chevy to a not so trustworthy friend who immediately gets into trouble with the car. Richard Dreyfruss plays a teen who is considering skipping college for a while.

This is vaguely amusing at some points, but overall holds little entertainment value.

My Rating = Two Stars

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