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The American President



The American President
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You don't have to be a big Michael Douglas fan to enjoy The American President, a rather ridiculous movie about - what else- an American President.

The president, Andrew Shephard, (Michael Douglas) is a widower, who's planning to run for re-election when he meets a woman who works for an Environmental Conservation Agency. He decides to ask her out on a date - that's right, the President , during a mad run for re-election no less, asks a woman out on a date - but when he calls, of course she doesn't believe he's the President. When he finally convinces her, she agrees to have dinner with him, at the White House, of course, and romance develops.

It's pretty obvious from the beginning where the plot is headed and how it's going to end, but this movie is fun to watch anyway. There are some amusing scenes where the president tries to convince people who he is- over the phone- and the acting is genuinely believable.

My Rating = Three Stars

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