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All of Me



All of Me
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Steve Martin does an excellent job of a playing a difficult comedic role in All of Me.

Martin plays a lawyer whose client, a rich - and dying - old kook named Edwina, plans to leave her money to Teri, whose body Edwina plans to enter when she dies. Teri will hold a bowl, which will channel Edwina's spirit into Teri's body.

Yeah, right. However, movies weren't meant to be true to life. Yes, it does work - except the bowl falls out a window and conks Martin on the head, so Edwina's spirit ends up in his body! One of the funniest comedy scenes ever proceeds to unfold, as Martin yells at himself, stumbling around on a crowded sidewalk, and striking womanly poses as Edwina tries to take over. Martin's acting is terrific.

All of Me was a wonderful comedy, but you have to be able to accept the rather hokey premise. Otherwise you'll just keep saying, "Give me a break" all the way through this movie. Leave your common sense at the door when you watch this one.

My Rating = Three Stars

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