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In preparation for the new Alien: Resurrection movie opening soon, I'm watching all the Alien movies in order. This second one, Aliens, while slightly less engaging than the first movie, because it has more cheesy special effects and less plot, is still outrageously entertaining.

Ellen Ripley, hero of the first movie, Alien returns, after aimlessly drifting around space for fifty-seven years while in a deep hypersleep. Plagued by nightmares of the horrendous monsters she defeated, she is at first adamantly against returning to LV-426, the planet where her former crewmates discovered these monsters. LV-426 is now colonized, and there have been no problems, but suddenly earth is unable to reach LV-426, and a space program consultant who previously disbelieved and mocked Ripley's account of her adventures now begs her to return. After many protestations, Ripley agrees, and the fun begins. No one on LV-426 appears to have survived except for a little girl named Newt. Ripley befriends Newt, while she and her new crewmates continue to search for aliens.

Seek and ye shall find. Of course they encounter the aliens -the movie wouldn't be called Aliens if they didn't. Anyway, this results in yet another fierce battle for Ellen Ripley. Somewhere in the middle of all the slime and machine-gun blasts, she develops a romance with Sergeant Hicks, one of her crewmates. This is rather annoying, as no one wants a love story in the middle of a science-fiction flick, but fortunately, not too much time is spent on this subplot romance, so the movie doesn't suffer too much for it.

My Rating = Three Stars

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