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Alien 3



Alien 3
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I know a guy who refused to see this third movie in the Alien saga because - don't read any further if you don't want to know how it ends - its heroine Ellen Ripley dies in it. I thought that was acceptable if the plot was as good as the first two, but this movie just couldn't meet the standards of its predecessors, Alien or Aliens. Ellen Ripley's suicide detracted too much from the movie, the plot was less than creative, and it quickly became a total disappointment.

After defeating horrible alien monsters in the second movie, Ellen Ripley drifts around in space, in a deep hypersleep. Her ship crashes on a planet used for an all-male prison colony, and she is stuck there until a rescue crew arrives for her. Forced to shave her head and wear men's clothing, she reminded me a little of Demi Moore in G.I. Jane (a much better pick, by the way). While there, she begins to suspect that the aliens aren't really dead after all, especially when one of the inmates dies in what is thought to be an accident. Then she discovers that there's an alien growing inside her - yes, inside her body, ewwwwww! - which of course leads to her suicide - but not before she takes a last stab at getting the aliens.

I can only hope that the fourth movie, due out in November, 1997, will be more like the first movie, Alien which was by far the best.

My Rating = Two Stars

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