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Alaska is a good movie for anyone who likes animal flicks. Two kids, Jessie (Thora Birch) and her brother move to Alaska with their dad - a former pilot who now delivers toilet paper. Neither one is happy with their dad, but Jessie's brother is especially bitter, because he still misses their late mother. At one point he tells his dad, "I wish you had died, and not Mom."

When Dad flies out in a storm and crash lands, Jessie's brother changes his mind and wants to search for his dad. Jessie, being so much smarter than her brother, insists on accompanying him. Along the way, they encounter a friendly polar bear (which they rescue from some poachers); they kayak down rough rivers narrowly missing sharp rocks, and have many other adventures.

Meanwhile, Dad hangs on for dear life as his tiny aircraft balances precariously on a cliff's edge . Will Jessie and her brother make it to their dad in time to save him? If they manage to find him, can they get him out of the plane? Will their polar bear be safe from the poachers, or will the poachers get him back? Let's just say, the ending was predictable.

My Rating = Two Stars

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