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Air Bud



Air Bud
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This is a nice sexist film: the classic "A-boy-and-his-dog" story, except this boy, Josh, and his dog, Buddy, play basketball. (Why couldn't it have been a-girl-and-her-dog who played basketball?) Buddy, is a former clown's pet, used to doing birthday parties. Buddy finally runs away and finds a new home with Josh, who has recently moved to town after his father's death. Josh is a lonely, sad child until Buddy comes along. He can't make the basketball team at his new school until Buddy the basketball - playing dog comes arrives, then he's the star player. But uh - oh! The clown who used to own Buddy wants his now - famous former pet back.

I was bored out of my skull, but this is a Walt Disney Pictures family movie and is definitely aimed at young children - and will please them. I, however, wouldn't recommend it for anyone over ten.

My Rating = One Star

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