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Air Force One



Air Force One
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Air Force One is a fast-paced action movie that stars Harrison Ford as the President of the United States who is trapped aboard a hijacked Air Force One (as if you couldn't tell from the title). Although I've never been a big fan of Harrison Ford as that annoyingly stone-faced look never seems to leave his face, he does a reasonably good job of acting presidential. Glenn Close portrays the vice - president (Naturally, I thought a female president would have been perfect, but a female vice-president was a nice touch.), and Close's staunch portrayal of a loyal VP under pressure was magnificent. The hijacker, an ugly Russian nationalist (well, if nothing else, at least he, too, is fervently loyal to his country), takes everyone on board- including the president's wife and daughter- hostage and shoots one hostage every half- hour. This makes for an interesting three-star movie, with an extremely high tension level, but don't take little kids, as it's very violent.

My Rating = Three Stars

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