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Adventures in Babysitting



Adventures in Babysitting
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Adventures in Babysitting is a facetious film about a not so ordinary babysitting job.

Chris (Elizabeth Shue) is planning to spend a romantic evening with her boyfriend on their anniversary, but he suddenly cancels, claiming his sister is sick. Yeah, right. Anyway, Chris allows herself to be talked into babysitting, even though she protests that she's too old. One of her charges is a charming little girl; the other is a hormone-influenced teen boy who keeps hitting on Chris. Not to mention that his best friend, who is even more annoying, joins them. Chris' panicky friend runs away from home, changes her mind, and asks Chris to come rescue her from the bus station. Chris isn't supposed to take the kids any farther than Baskin Robbins, but reluctantly agrees to drive into the city and get her friend. Of course, she has to take the lively camaraderie with her.

Well soon enough she gets a flat (the movie is realistic in that respect -things like that always happen when you're doing something sneaky!). Unbelievably, she left her purse at home and can't buy a new tire; apparently there wasn't one in the trunk. A one-armed man with a wrecker offers to help her, so they all naively hop into his cab. Turns out he has to make a detour because his wife is cheating on him; when the shooting starts, Chris and her charges jump out of his truck and into a nearby car - with a car thief. And so it goes. Their night just keeps getting worse and worse!

Adventures in Babysitting was skillfully plotted, if predictable at some parts. This is one of the few PG rated movies that really is "fun for the whole family". You can watch it with your kids - or babysitting charges - and you won't be bored out of your skull.

My Rating = Three Stars

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