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U.S. Marshals



U.S. Marshals
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Never having seen The Fugitive, the movie that US Marshals is "following up", I can't compare the two, but I will say that this one is unimpressive.

Tommy Lee Jones, whom I enjoyed in Men in Black, is dry and witless as Chief Deputy Sam Gerard, and his new FBI agent partner, John Royce (Robert Downey, Jr.) is even worse. The two are tracking a man (Wesley Snipes) who supposedly killed two FBI agents, but seems to have been set up. Apparently there is supposed to be a comedic element in this film, but it falls flat as well. Jones, wearing a chicken costume while catching a criminal is too half-witted to even register as amusing. Worse yet, it robs the film of any possible credibility it might have had.

As for the action scenes, the best one was a commuter car wreck on a freeway at the beginning of the movie, and that certainly wasn't thrilling. Jones should have stuck with his entertaining brand of acting and made a sequel to Men in Black instead.

My Rating = One Star

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