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MASH is an asinine but rather amusing film.

It takes place during the Korean War on a naval base in Korea. MASH's crazy cast of characters includes several surgeons, nurses, and soldiers who act terribly silly and unprofessional. Their antics include making an audio recording of two officers (one of them is married) having sex. The next day, they proceed to play the tape over the loudspeaker for morning entertainment. Meanwhile, two surgeons get into a fistfight, and nobody likes the stern, unsmiling new head nurse. (Obviously, this is all very unrealistic, yet it proves quite amusing.)

I never saw the TV series spin-off from MASH, but I enjoyed the movie. The levity was neither overdone nor understated, and, although I didn't recognize any of the actors, I thought the acting was generally convincing. MASH reminded me somewhat of Down Periscope, in that it was about a bunch of lazy, comical military officers. If you liked Down Periscope, you'll probably like MASH.

My Rating = Two Stars

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