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Larger Than Life
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B.A.P.S. is an hilariously funny movie about two poor, down-on-their-luck, waitresses who meet the bigtime in Hollywood. When Nisi (Halle Berry) and Mickey (Natalie Desselle) arrive in Hollywood, their plan is for Nisi to become a famous dancer. When that doesn't work out, a man offers them a job posing as the granddaughters of a woman named Lily - beautiful Lily, who was the one true love of a now old and terminally ill man. Unfortunately, and years ago, the old man's wealthy family refused to let him marry Lily because she was black. His nephew hires Nisi and Mickey, claiming he wants to make his uncle's last days more enjoyable, while his true motive is to get his uncle's money. Naturally he develops some underhanded schemes. Will Nisi and Mickey find out that they are part of something illegal? Will they be framed? Or will the old man find out that they really aren't Lily's granddaughters?

A few good laughs make this movie enjoyable. I recommend it.

My Rating = Three Stars

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