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28 Days
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The best word I can think of to describe 28 Days is "blah". At least, that was the word that kept surfacing in my mind as I watched this duller-than-dirt drama.

Sandra Bullock stars as a writer sentenced to 28 days in rehab after literally crashing her sister's wedding. (Drinking and pill popping led her to accidentally smash the wedding cake, make a rather inappropriate toast to the bride and groom, and drive the limo into a house.) Other patients at the clinic include an emotional gay guy who proves occasionally laughable, a seventeen-year-old heroin addict who is also addicted to her favorite soap opera, and a professional baseball player who seems to interest Bullock for a while.

Of course, she already has a boyfriend. He helpfully brings her booze and pills at rehab. It's obvious that she needs to ditch this loser.

I recall reading a review that hailed 28 Days as a very laughable comedy. What, was the critic who wrote that drunk when he saw this film? 28 Days offers maybe three humorous scenes, and those would not rank among the funniest of all time. (Incidentally, I'm not the only person who didn't find 28 Days funny; I didn't hear too many other people in the theatre laughing either.

Audio VersionBasically, 28 Days is a melodramatic, uninteresting story about junkies and how hard it is to lose an addiction. Not to sound unsympathetic, but I got really tired of listening to these people whine. Although the acting is fine, 28 Days lacks a great deal in the plot department, and drags on endlessly - it was so slow-moving, I felt like I was in the theatre for 28 days! This film is so depressing it could, well, drive a person to drink.

My Rating = One Star

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