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Review of the day for the week of October 6, 1997.

Sister Act

Sister Act
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This absurdly, jocular film is unrealistically entertaining.

Whoopi Goldberg stars as a struggling lounge singer who accidentally witnesses the murder of her boyfriend, a mobster. To protect her, a cop on the case places her somewhere that she isn't likely to be found - in a nunnery. Goldberg must wear an unsightly nun's habitat, keep her big mouth shut, and, in general, act like a nun. Yikes! A miserable failure at her new occupation, she is assigned one task: to lead the nun's choir. At first, things seem to go all right: she gets the miserably off - key group to sing at least seviceably. When she tires of traditional hymns, she picks up the pace, and turns them into loud, fast - paced songs, which horrifies the head nun, but pleases the priest and brings in many new church - goers. Eventually the Pope hears about the newly tuned, and popular church choir, so he decides to stop by the church for a performance when he's in town. Meanwhile, the gangsters who killed her no-good boyfriend are still searching desperately for her.

Whoopi carries this film with expert performances, and her supporting cast blends well with her dynamic on-screen personality.

It's facetious and you should definitely rent it today.

My Rating = Three Stars

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